"Mother of Mercy"
In the Litany of
The Blessed Virgin Mary

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"Our Lord appeared as the Child Jesus with dark blond, curly hair, big chubby face, brown eyes and He was dressed in a pink robe with His arms out and all light. He came for joy because he wants to add to the Litany of The Blessed Virgin Mary. After 'Mother of Our Savior', He wants to put 'Mother of Mercy' and after 'Singular Vessel of Devotion' and before 'Mystical Rose', He wants us to add 'Flower of the Field', and then 'Lily of the Valley,' and at the end of the Litany, after 'Queen of All Saints' and before 'Queen conceived without original sin,' He wants us to add 'Queen of Homes.' " (In an apparition to Chris Courtis, September 24, 2004 www.movingheartfoundation.com/wd4-m-sept24.htm)
Mother of Our Creator,
Mother of Our Savior,
*Mother of Mercy,
Virgin most prudent,
Virgin most venerable,
Vessel of Honor,
Singular Vessel of Devotion,
*Flower of the Field,
*Lily of the Valley,
Mystical Rose,
Tower of David,
Queen of Virgins,
Queen of All Saints,
*Queen of Homes,
Queen conceived without original sin,