Mother of Mercy Rosary

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On May 25, 2006 in her apparition to Chris Courtis Our Lady said:

"Today, I desire to invite you back to more prayer. That is why I desire to call you to pray the Mother of Mercy Rosary. I desire to give you this new devotion alongside my chaplet so that you may know and that you may better understand the mysteries of God, which are laid within me. Therefore, dear children, I wish to give you this gift. The mysteries are inspired by the Holy Spirit, and they call you to a deeper faith, trust in me, your mother. There are many mysteries in this Rosary about me, your mother. Through this Rosary, you will come to understand my mysteries more and how I am not only the Mother of God but your Mother of Mercy."

Our Lady would have us pray the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of the regular Rosary four days in a row followed by the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of the Mother of Mercy Rosary four days in a row.

“Thus you shall pray, and it shall be for eight days, four devoted to the regular Rosary and four days devoted to my Rosary. Eight is the completion of God. It is perfect in its form and in its symbol. It is complete and whole. Therefore, for eight days you shall pray, four devoted to the regular Rosary and again, four devoted to my Rosary. And that is it. You shall pray like this all the time. I desire you to draw closer to my Merciful Immaculate Heart, and this is one way that I am accomplishing it, through this Rosary and the Chaplet of Mother of Mercy.”

This Rosary is available for download as a single file or in four individual files.


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The following version containing no graphic images of the mysteries is made available for those with limited Internet connectivity.

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