May 25 - Feast Day of
Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy

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On November 13, 2004, In her message to the world, Our Lady said,

“I wish you to also know now that on this great day, the reason why I bring the Child Jesus is to announce to you that on May 25th of next year shall be the feast day of my title of Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy. I desire it to be celebrated then and the Chaplet to be prayed and my image venerated. Through this blessing I will obtain great graces for you." (

On January 13, 2005, Our Lady explained why she is Mother of Mercy and why her feast day is to be May 25th:

“On May 25th, many years ago, many, many years ago, there were seven little children who approached Judas Iscariot and asked if they could have a blessing from Jesus. Judas turned them away saying that the Master was very tired and “has no time for you.” But I was there, present underneath the olive tree, and I came by and I said unto the children, “Do you wish to see the Master?” And they said, “yes!” “Come,” I said unto them, “for I am His mother and I shall show you and take you to the Master.” And sitting underneath an old olive tree was my Son and so I brought the seven children to Jesus, and it is there that He gave His solemn blessing to those who become little. This is my day, May 25th, when this event occurred. I interceded for the little children and Jesus blessed them with a great blessing.

“It was also on this day that I met Mary Magdalene for the first time. And it was through Jesus, through Him that He gave me to her and I became a second mother, an advocate for her, this sinful woman who became grace-filled and saintly and filled with heavenly peace. Towards the end of her life, she was filled with holy zeal and love towards God. This is my mission and this is my purpose with you now, to ignite your hearts with fire for the Divine Love and for Jesus who is with you. The only way for this to happen is to surrender yourselves completely to me through the title of Mother of Mercy. These two events that happened on the same day should teach you all very simply that I interceded and take all children by the hand and lead them to Jesus.”