September 24, 2004 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


(Our Lady is here! She’s all surrounded by beautiful light and Her skin even looks like its bathed in light.  I can see her eyes.  She’s so beautiful!  She reminds me a little bit of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.  I can see the white veil.  I can see her hair. It’s flowing.  I think it’s because of the fan. [overhead fan in the room] I can see a blue mantle and I can see a white dress.  Her hands are even out like the Miraculous Medal.  Her eyes! She’s bathed all in light.  She says, “Praised be Jesus!”  She says, “Will you do me the honor of praying with me for my children and for the unification of the Church?” Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.  Amen.  [Chris prays the prayer three times.]  She was me to tell you that when I am praying, making the Sign of the Cross, she is doing the same thing.  She says, “My child, I wish everyone to know before I give my message that the reason why I am here is to deliver an urgent message for all mankind. 


In June, I delivered an urgent message, and in July also predicting that if humanity does not return back to God and make a choice which path it will take, that they will be chastised where they stand, and I did mention the hurricanes, natural disasters, floods, epidemics and suffering of every kind, and great earthquakes.  As you know, it is not a coincidence that there have been now three major hurricanes with two already on their way.  This is a sign for all God’s people that God is urging you to make a decision and to return to Him.  An Era of Peace can exist and will exist if ALL humanity returns to God.  This is a sign that He is calling you to prayer, penance and reconciliation, now while there is still time.  My predictions have come to pass and are coming to pass. 


Please, dear children, wake up, read and understand that the times you are living in is a special grace afforded to you by God the Father for your conversion, and for a chance to be reconciled with God, and for humanity to obtain peace NOW.  I wish this to be my message and I wish it to go along with the message that I shall deliver today regarding my apparitions in Zeitoun.  I bless the Americas and the world, but I urge you to choose wisely and choose soon.  (I see the world and Our Lady is beside it.  She’s holding out her hand.  She’s making the Sign of the Cross over the world to bless it, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.  She says now she will give her message.)


My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

My dear children, today I invite and I call you to look back at my apparitions in Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt.  In this apparition I wish to draw your attention to so many significant points, but my main message that I wish to convey, as I did then and now, is the message of unity.  All nations, all people, whether they believe in God or not should amend their ways and pray, pray, pray, pray! 


All humanity must pray to God and be reconciled with my Son.  This is why I allowed myself to be seen by Muslims, Jews, Christians of every denomination - Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Protestants, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, all Orthodox Christians, all Eastern Catholic people, all fallen away Catholics, and all Catholics were able to see me because I wished them to see me and my Son desired that my request be granted.  I appeared so that everyone could see and believe, so that in one moment in time, those who saw me may think to themselves, “Is this truly the Mother of God, and if this is truly the Mother of God, then surely Jesus must be real.  And if Jesus is real, then so is God the Father.”


Little children, God loves you as He did then and as He does now, and He wishes that there be unity among all people.  It is true that all religions are not the same, but all people are called to love and respect themselves and each other no matter which religion, denomination or creed they may be.  Our Lord loves each and every one of you the same.  However, He does call you to daily conversion, day after day.  This is the message that I wish to convey, that there be unity among all people and that there be conversion.  Respect each other’s religion, denomination, and creed.  Please, dear children, there must be general love and respect for each other.  Otherwise you will not bring peace.  Hate breeds hate! Sin breeds sin!  You must learn to love unconditionally the way God loves you!  He loves and respects each individual and gives freedom of free will.  I love you and call you to respect each other and love each other.


For those who are not Christian, such as Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, I wish to convey this message to all my children: God loves you and He wishes your conversion, but you must pray and be at peace in order to be converted and to understand His ways better.  Humble yourselves before God, and He will make you righteous and holy.


To those of Christian denominations and to Eastern Catholics, Orthodox, and Catholics, I say, Do not judge your Christian brothers and sisters.  Love them.  Pray for them, and pray that one day God’s truth may be revealed to them, that the only one, true, Apostolic Church exists under Peter and continues down through his successors.  God loves each and every one of you and He wishes that there be unification among the Coptic Orthodox Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Eastern Catholic Churches and all Catholics Churches, that they be united as one. 


This is my plea and my purpose:  unite, convert and pray that one Church, under the pope may be realized.  There is so much beauty in each church.  I love and respect the Catholic Church and all Orthodox churches.  However, I do call for humility within the Greek Orthodox churches, Coptic Orthodox churches, Russian Orthodox churches and all Eastern Orthodox churches to be united with love and respect to Pope John Paul II.  Convert and be reconciled.  It is you, dear children, who broke away from the Catholic Church, not the other way around.  This mystery is signified by my apparitions in so many Catholic locations and even those in Orthodox locations.


Please be converted!  Humble yourselves before God and pray, pray, pray!  I urge for the unification of all churches. And to reconcile with God, you must return to Jesus’ Vicar on earth.  This is the only way for the Church to be reconciled and have peace.  If it does not, and humanity persists to ignore my messages and my plea, the Holy Roman Church will fall, but in its stead, a new Church will be raised, that of the Eastern Catholic denomination.  This Church will be the one who will hold the true teachings of the Catholic Church for awhile.  Then suddenly when it looks like St. Peter shall fall to the ground, the Holy Catholic Church shall be revitalized and a new springtime shall be brought to every nation.  The gospel shall be preached and everyone will be converted. ®


Although this time is future, this time is fast approaching.  The time has not yet come, for the Church must face many trials before the fall happens.  It is already tilted.  You shall see it continue until it is almost hits the ground, and then a new time of peace shall emerge.  All people will love Christ and be united as brethren within the Holy Catholic Church, and the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church shall be as one.  As it was in Constantinople, it shall be again.  This is my call for every Christian and Catholic, to be united in Christ and pray, pray, pray!


I wish to also tell you that before my apparitions end completely, I shall be seen by every denomination and religion throughout this world.  I will be seen among all people, not for just a moment, but everyone will have a chance to see me. As I appeared in Zeitoun, I shall appear again so everyone may see me.  Pray and help my plans to be realized, not just here, but throughout the world. 


I love you, dear children, and I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Now as I make the Sign of the Cross again, I shall depart.  I shall depart but I shall always be with you whenever you pray.  Plus I take your petitions within my Most Immaculate Heart and will present them this evening to the heart of the little Jesus who is always with me.  I bless you again, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.  Thank you, my dear little children for having responded to my call and for letting me stay this long among you.  Go, my dear little angels.  You are all my angels!  Go in the great peace of God Most High.  Ad Deum.


(Our Lord appeared as the Child Jesus with dark blond, curly hair, big chubby face, brown eyes and He was dressed in a pink robe with His arms out and all light. He came for joy because he wants to add to the Litany of The Blessed Virgin Mary.  After “Mother of Our Savior”, He wants to put “Mother of Mercy” and after “Singular vessel of Devotion and before “Mystical Rose”, He wants us to add “Flower of the Field”, and then “Lily of the Valley,” and at the end of the Litany, after “Queen of All Saints” and before “Queen conceived without original sin,” He wants us to add “Queen of  Homes.”


Then He said Our Lady shall appear next month on the 24th of October under the title of Our Lady of Kibeho, Rawanda.  And then He blessed us all.


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Mary – Sept 24, 2004