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February 24, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

I have returned to give to you three more prayers for the novena which is to take place before the feast of Mother of Mercy which is to be May 25th of this year, but before I do, I have this to say.I wish you to understand that it is through my Immaculate Heart that you receive abundant grace, peace, love, and mercy, which is also my Sonís mercy.Make this novena as an act of reparation for the sins committed against my Immaculate Heart.My heart is so filled with love and mercy for all Godís children!


See, little children, without this heart I could not be your Mother of Mercy.It is this heart of mine which calls out to humanity, so consumed with a motherís love and mercy.My heart yearns to be your mother.It is this heart of mercy and love which compels me, as your Mother of Mercy, to become your good shepherdess, to seek you out, to love you, to grace you, to shower you with my motherly mercy which is also my Sonís mercy, and to return you to God.Oh, will you not seek refuge in my Immaculate Heart which is so filled with a motherís mercy?If you do, I will be your Mother of Mercy, and you shall dwell within the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart.


And now to continue the novena:(The beginning of the novena can be read at


On the fourth day, you shall pray and meditate on all those who have hearts of hate, jealousy, and envy.These souls cling to hatred because they feel it gives to them power.When a soul does not experience love, envy, jealousy, and hatred build up in them and they become easy targets for the spirits of darkness to overtake them.Their hearts become hardened with pain.If it is not alleviated, they will turn to evil and even kill.You should pray and say:

†††††††† Oh Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, we cling unto your loving protection.Oh, humble queen, look not on the hearts filled with hate, envy, and jealousy, with disgust, but see the pain there.Pray to Jesus and ask Him to send unto them His mercy and peace. Let the unloved ones be given someone to love them, and let your merciful heart be the way that will lead these souls back to God.Oh Mother of Mercy, these souls are in peril. For some, hatred is not a choice but a way of life and power.Show to them, Oh merciful mother, the mercy and power of God. Through acts of simple love, reveal to them the love and mercy of God.Oh, Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, with hope we call on thee.


Then you shall say:

†††††††† Oh, my Jesus, let your heart be moved with compassion for Your motherís prayers.Let not your passion, death, and resurrection be in vain, especially for those who have hearts of hate.Give to them Your light and mercy so that they may amend their ways.Reveal to them, Oh merciful God, your goodness, love and mercy through Our Lady so that they may love and worship you alone.Oh, God, Amen.


On the fifth day, you shall pray and meditate on those who do not love or honor my Son.In this day and time, there are many people do not love Jesus.They say they do, but when something bad happens, the first one they curse is my Son.They think that Jesus should and can only give healing, miracles, and peace, and that suffering comes only from Satan.Although my Son can bring healing, miracles and peace, He is also a king of suffering.They tune out the parts in scriptures in which Jesus said, no server is greater than his master; and in the Acts of the Apostles and in the letters when the apostles said, ďin this life, the Son of Man suffered.How can we expect not to suffer?Ē


There are so many who do not honor my Son because they feel He is not worthy of being honored.Oh, how sad it is.If the world would adore my Son more and love Him, the New Age movement would no longer exist.You should pray and say:

†††††††† Oh, Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, we believe that you are truly the Mother of God, Mother of the Word Incarnate, and because we believe in you and your intercession, we believe and love Jesus.Bring all believers and non-believers into the loving heart of Jesus.We pray that the Holy Spirit of fire and love may consume their hearts with burning love for Jesus, your Son, that with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, they may see and know God.Oh, Mother of Mercy, grant to those who will not honor your Son the ability to see and know the truth.May love for Jesus shield our minds and our hearts so that in times of confusion, danger, and doubt, we may always say, ďAs much as it has pleased you, Oh Lord, I will not blaspheme or deny you anything.ĒOh, Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, with hope we call on thee.


†††††††† Then you shall pray this prayer:

†††††††† Oh, my Jesus whose love will have no end, grant that through your most holy mother, I may love you more.I know, Jesus, that if I can love your most holy mother with all my heart, I can love you no matter what happens.So send to me, my Jesus, the Holy Spirit of fire and love to consume my heart with the most passionate flame of love from Mary, Your mother, and our Mother of Mercy.I wish and pray that my heart may be filled with love for your most holy mother.Oh, Lord, make me a prisoner of love for Mary so that with that most pure love which is pleasing to you, I may love you.Amen.


On the sixth day I desire you to meditate and pray for those who are not obedient and will not be obedient either to their spouse, parents, teachers, authorities, religious authorities, to the president, and to the pope.Disobedience is the norm, and this grieves my heart very much.I and my Son both lived in obedience to God and to His law.Without obedience, humility cannot enter.Humility and obedience go hand in hand.There are so many religious who are not obedient to their spiritual superiors.The laity and those who are in the service of the Lord should love and practice obedience.To speak ill of your superiors is not an act of obedience.Obedience is an act of trust; therefore be submissive in love and know that in obedience to any superior, you are being obedient to God, and it is through this act of obedience that Godís Divine Will can enter into you.Therefore you shall pray thus:

†††††††† Oh Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, please place us in your mantle and teach us of your holy way, the way of littleness, humility, and obedience.Fill our hearts with grace and mercy so that we may learn of obedience which will lead us to grace and holiness in Heaven.We pray for those who will not be obedient to their spouse, to their parents, to their teachers, to civil authorities, and to religious authorities.Pour grace into their hearts so that they may see that in obedience they may find peace and humility.Oh Mother of Mercy, we know that disobedience truly wounds your Immaculate Heart.Therefore we pray that those who are not obedient may see and know the peace that comes when one is obedient.May we live in obedience so that we may be obedient to you and your Son.Oh Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, with hope we call on thee.


†††††††† Then you shall pray:

†††††††† Oh, my Jesus of Mercy, teach us of your life so that we may live in obedience, the way you did.May your life be an example to us of obedience through the prayers of the one who loves you the most, which is your most holy mother.Give to the world examples of obedience so that those who are not obedient may see the peace and holiness that obedience comes with.Give to our hearts obedience so that we may all be obedient to you. Amen.


My Son is giving great graces to those who pray the Mother of Mercy Chaplet* but the greatest gift of all is the gift of conversion.Conversion and peace are always signs of Godís mercy.Let this novena, which is also a gift, be a way of consoling my heart and a continuation of the Divine Mercy Novena.


Many graces will be given through this novena, but the greatest grace is the lesson that, as your Mother of Mercy, I love and care for all people.I shall return next month with three more prayers for the novena.Continue to pray the Mother of Mercy Chaplet and know that I bless you, along with my Son who I hold in my arms, with a great blessing of peace, love, and mercy, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.


I shall return on the 24th of next month under the title of Our Lady of Hope which took place in Pontmain, France in 1871.Thank you for having responded to my call.Now go in the great peace, love, and mercy of God Most High.Ad Deum.


*The Mother of Mercy Chaplet and promises can be found at


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