Message (2) from OUR MOTHER OF MERCY


January 24, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


My dear little children, I have returned to give to you three prayers for the nine-day novena. I shall come again like this on the 24th until April and I shall return on my regular times. On the 24th of March I shall return like this. In February I shall return like this also. My Son also shall add a prayer, the last prayer.


My dear children, I love you all very much and I wish you to pray this nine-day novena before the feast of Mother of Mercy which is on May 25th. I desire that you begin this prayer on May 17th and that you end this prayer on May 25th.. Today I come to give you this novena, but I desire you to know that with all my love and mercy that I have for you, the most beautiful prayers you can pray are for those who are sinners, because as your Mother of Mercy, I intercede before the throne of God for them and for you. I intercede to the throne of God for the conversion of sinners. This is what I desire, so with this, I desire you to begin your prayer.


On the first day, you shall meditate on all those who are suffering and have no one to pray for them. These souls truly are alone because they feel abandoned by God. You shall say:

O Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, we pray and ask you to remember the sorrowful

and suffering in your heart, to take their petitions to God, and to comfort them in their

agonizing abandonment. We pray that your love may touch their soul and that they will realize that they are not alone. O Mother of Mercy, look kindly upon those who are suffering physically, spiritually, mentally, and be with them so that they may know Gods great mercy through you. O Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, with hope we call on thee.

Then you shall add this prayer: O Jesus, by the great love and mercy youve shown to Our Lady by making her the Mother of Mercy at the foot of the Cross, please hear her prayers for the sorrowful, the lonely, for those who feel abandoned, and those who are in great suffering, Amen.


The second day, I desire you to meditate and to pray for all mothers, for they suffer tremendously. I alone know their suffering because I am a mother. I desire you to realize that all mothers are loved by me, and I call you to realize that they are virtuous in their love for all their children. You shall pray this prayer:

O Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, bestow blessings upon mothers throughout the world. Give them the grace to know how to raise their children in the love, peace, mercy, and grace of God. O, dear heavenly mother, you who are mother, only you know the suffering of these mothers. Take them into your heart and reveal their suffering to Jesus so that he may bless them. O Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, with hope we call on thee.


Then you shall add this prayer:

O Jesus, in your great love and mercy, please remember all mothers in their sorrows and in their joys, for they suffer much for their children. Bestow, through the hands of Mary who is the mother of mothers, the grace and mercy and blessings that these holy mothers seek, Amen.

On the third day, I desire you to meditate upon purity and chastity for those who remain unfaithful by condemning their souls to Satan by becoming filled with hatred, and for those who defile their body by acts of sexual sins that need forgiveness, and for those who say that they are chaste but are lying. You shall say:

O Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, please remember those who have no love in their heart and for those who are not pure in body. We pray that they may see the light of God through you and imitate your loving mercy and chastity and purity. For those who are filled with hate, we pray that the Spirit of God may touch them, quench their burning hearts of fire from hell, and replace it with the soft heart of God and the living Spirit of God. We pray for those who are involved in sinful acts that defile chastity and purity of the body. Forgive those sins by which you are most offended and grant to them the realization that their body is a temple and that the Holy Spirit lives within them. For this we all pray, O Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, with hope we call on thee.


Then you shall pray to Jesus:

O Lord Jesus of Mercy, look kindly upon those who are full of hate, who will not even consider to love you, and grant them pardon and peace at the foot of your Cross. And also bless and have mercy on those who defile the right of chastity and purity of body. Grant them the light of God so that they may become repentant and become a true temple of the living Spirit of God. Amen


I shall return next month with three more prayers for the novena. Continue to pray the Mother of Mercy Chaplet and know that I bless you along with my Son who I hold in my arms with a great blessing of peace, love, and mercy, and I am also praying for you for charity, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Go in the peace, and mercy of God Most High. I shall return on the 24th of next month under the title of Our Lady of La Salette. Now go in the peace of God.


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Mary 2- Jan. 24, 2005