Message (1) from OUR LADY OF MERCY


March 13, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


My dear little children,

I thank you for your response to my call.I desire to appear twice today.I shall appear now and at the end of the Rosary, and My Son shall come during the third Sorrowful Mystery.I have to appear here twice today because I am the Mother of Mercy, and next month I will not appear under this title.I shall appear under the title of Mary, Mother and Queen of the Divine Will, only for next month.But because I shall appear under that title next month, I must make two visits for you today in order to tell you everything that I desire to tell you that is in my heart.

My Son Jesus is with me. (I see Him.Theyíre just like in the painting. She says,)


My dear little children, praised be Jesus, and give praise to the Father and to the Holy Spirit who has accompanied me.(I see the Holy Spirit!Itís flying around them.Itís a dove but itís made of light, and itís just glowing.Itís on her head!O.K.Itís perched on her head! She says,)


I am the spouse of the Holy Spirit, the daughter of God, and the mother of Jesus who is the second person of the Holy Trinity, who is your Savior, who is God.I come to reveal to you the title of why I am Mother of Mercy.Why do I have two titles, one, Our Lady and two, Mother of Mercy?Have you ever thought to yourself why this is?I shall tell you.


Before I had Jesus, I was the Lady.I was the Lady of Mercy performing acts of mercy to the poor, giving alms to them and revealing to them Godís love and mercy.To the poor, to the destitute, to everyone in need I was the Lady of Mercy, singular, one.And with St. Joseph too, I was the Lady of Mercy.But when the Annunciation happened, I became Mother of the Word, and thus the Mother of Godís Mercy, for Jesus is mercy and love itself.So therefore you have the Lady who became Mother of Godís Mercy; and at the foot of the Cross I became your Mother of Mercy.That is why I am known under both titles, Our Lady of Mercy and Mother of Mercy, for the Lady of Mercy became your Mother of Mercy at the foot of her Sonís Cross, your mother.And I plead with God for mercy on your behalf.


It is through this title of Mother of Mercy, that I am also the Good Shepherdess.It is through this title that I wish to lead you back to God. Understand me well, dear children, it is through the title of Mother of Mercy that I am your Good Shepherdess.It is Godís mercy that I wish you to experience.It is my heart which calls to you, and I seek you out wherever you are.This is why, not only am I your Mother of Mercy, but also your Good Shepherdess.It is good to have a devotion to the title of the Good Shepherdess, for His flock is my flock.My flock is His flock, and all those belonging to me will be enfolded in the Kingdom of God, here and also in Heaven.But it is better to have a devotion to my formal title, Mother of Mercy, for it is through this title that I am your Good Shepherdess.If you listen, you will come to understand that the title of Good Shepherdess is also a title of mercy, Godís mercy coming through my motherly heart yearning to save you, yearning to seek you out, yearning for you to be one with my Son and with God.That is why I am your Mother of Mercy and the Good Shepherdess, and I come to lead you back to God and to my Son Jesus.ģ


But I desire you also to meditate on this message that I am giving.Many fruits shall come from this message, this one message that I am giving to you about my title.I also wish you to understand that my Immaculate Heart is the Merciful Heart, my Merciful Heart leading you to the Merciful Heart of Jesus.However, I will explain more about my Merciful Heart which should be the title to my Immaculate Heart later.


However, right now I desire to bless you and to ask you again to have devotion to me under the title of Mother of Mercy, and I desire you to know that the precise moment the Annunciation happened was at 11:45 am, and at exactly 12 oíclock Noon was the Word made Flesh.Gabriel spent a long time with me talking to me about my Sonís future plans and about my cousin Elizabethís pregnancy.Fifteen minutes later, at exactly 12 oíclock, the Word was made Flesh through my willingness to embrace God and through my fiat, my ďyesĒ.


I bless you, my little children with the grace that God has allowed me to give to you from my Immaculate Heart and from the title of Mother of Mercy.(I see Jesus.Heís so happy!Sheís blessing us, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.)Know that I bless you and everything you have with you, and now I shall depart but I shall return again at the end of the Rosary with even more wonderful news than now.Bless you, my dear children, bless you.Thank you for your response to my call.Now go in the great peace of God.

(Sheís so beautiful and happy!)


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