Message (2) from MOTHER OF MERCY


February 13, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


(First thing she wants me to do is describe what I’m seeing.  I see St. Anna, and she’s dressed in a nun’s headdress that extends all the way around the head.  You can’t see anything but her face.

It comes down over her shoulders.  She has a long veil.  She has a dress on and another shirt or something underneath. Her veil is a dark green color and the dress itself is like a greenish lime color.  Her face is somewhat old looking, like someone in their sixties.  She has the same eyes as Our Lady only they’re green, the same cheek bones only now they’re sorta drawn.  The lips are almost the same as Our Lady’s.


 Our Lady is Our Lady, Mother of Mercy.  She’s dressed in the blue veil and the white dress with the same red and gold belt on and her face is the same and she’s on a cloud, and St. Anna is on a cloud, and the Infant of Prague is being held by Our Lady, like in the picture.


 And the Infant of Prague is dressed in something like you see in the 1700’s.  It’s very long and its like a triangle, the dress, and it has fringes on the top and He has a red crown and a red dress with gold linen and lace.  His heart is beating in His chest and it’s glowing.  I can see the outline of His heart just bursting in light. 


And to my right would be St. Joseph, and he has long dark hair, a little grey on the upper parts, near the forehead.  He has translucent eyes.  He’s very handsome, and he has a long beard but it’s not thick.  It’s sort of cleanly trimmed but long.  And he’s dressed in gold and light brown. He has a staff, but it doesn’t look like it’s blooming.  And they are all separate clouds.  Our Lady says;)


My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

My dear children, give praise to Jesus for he has allowed me to come to be with you again in a special way.  My little children, you must understand that it is useless to have devotion to me if you do not show mercy and practice it on those around you and those who are your neighbors.

I call you, little children, to be active participants in God’s mercy coming through me, by acts of charity and love. 


Little children, it is good to volunteer to help the poor and those who are infirm.  It is good to teach the ignorant, and it is good, if you cannot do these things, to just pray.  Pray for them, pray for the poor, pray for the weak, pray for the sick, pray for those who do not know the love and mercy of God, and pray for those with families in financial trouble. 


Little children, I wish to tell you that no one is excluded from poverty and that this can happen to anyone.  Be merciful when God and your fellow man asks anything of you.  Always give without hesitation.  Do not think to yourself, this man or woman is poor because he is ignorant, or because he is a drunk, or on drugs, or perhaps he is not worthy of your time.  I beg you to show mercy on everyone.  Give to those that have less than you do and you shall receive in abundance.  Pray for those who need your help.  You are blessed with so many goods and so many graces.  Perhaps, in prayer, this is your way to give to your fellow men.  Or perhaps God is allowing you to suffer and be poor because he wishes others to see that materialistic goods are not needed, but that your faith in God is the only thing that you need.  Perhaps he allows you to be humbled in order to raise you up. 


Little children, give, give, give!  I am the Mother of God and your Mother of Mercy.  I solemnly tell you, those who give without reservation will receive in abundance the gifts of Heaven.  Help your fellow men and God will also help you.  Be merciful, little children, and listen and live my messages.  Please, without acts of mercy, you will never understand the love that I have for you.  Charity is a way of life that builds up humility within your soul, which you cannot achieve on your own. 


Therefore, dear children, be charitable to all people, the good and the bad, and always give to God whatever He asks of you, and do whatever He is telling you to do. Tonight, my little children, my holy Infant Child of Prague blesses all the little children here with grace and blessings. (He’s blessing all the little children, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.  Our Lady says;)


Continue to pray for little children, the young, the teenagers, and young adults so that they may grow up in the graces of God and come to realize that only faith and trust in God is what is needed to accomplish even the impossible tasks.  God loves you, little children.  This is why I have been sent as Mother of Mercy to be with you.  I also, on this night, wish to tell you the promises of praying the Mother of Mercy Chaplet. (

1.  I will give to those who pray this beautiful chaplet dedicated to me, peace. 

2.  I promise to give great conversions.  Let this be the second gift I will give.  The most

     important is conversions.  Please understand me clearly.  This chaplet has great power 

     for converting those you pray for, and yourselves.

3.    My Son and I promise to give to those who pray this chaplet, healing - physically,

spiritually, mentally, and psychologically, but you must pray and firmly believe.

4.    I will give great graces to those who pray to me under the Mother of Mercy Chaplet.

Look at the rays that I pour forth from the palm of my hand.  These are the graces

I ask you to pray for and receive, which I will give you.  For now, the only thing I wish to say is that these graces are all kinds of graces, and I will not be limited by one particular grace.  So please, pray.

5.    I promise those who pray this chaplet for the dying that I will be with them during their last moments on earth, and I myself, as Mother of Mercy will appear to them before their death and take their souls to God.  Those are the five promises I wish to make and give to you through this chaplet, but there is also a sixth.

6.    The sixth one is that I shall grant peace within the family if they pray together this

chaplet, and number seven, the last of all:

7.    I shall answer your requests, but you must be willing to receive the answer with a

open heart.  I will intercede to my Son Jesus under this title, and he will give to you the graces and prayer you desire, but you must understand, sometimes God’s answer is “no”.  If it is “no,” then you must accept it and continue to move on.  If the answer is, “no, but later on down the road,” then you must continue to persevere and believe firmly that this shall be given to you.  And then there are “yes” answers.  Those who receive the gift of graces of a “yes”, of an answered prayer and it comes to pass, do not give up on praying this chaplet for your brothers or sisters, but continue to pray.  I do not simply want you to pray the chaplet for your own needs, and then once you receive what you desire, to walk away from this chaplet, or from me.  Continue to pray even if you receive a “no,” a “later down the line,” or a “yes” answer because I wish to be with you always.  This is one way that I am able to be present to you.


And now, my little children, I shall bless you and everything that you have with you, everything that’s on the altar, by the altar, near the altar.  Everything you have and everything you have with you, I am blessing with my Son, the Infant of Prague, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen


Now I shall bless you again.  I shall bless you so that you may receive my words deep within your heart and live them, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Now as I shall depart, I shall make the Sign of the Cross again, and as I make the Sign of the Cross again, I shall depart.  I shall depart, little ones, but always remain with you when, and especially when, you all pray.  I also wish to say before this night is out and before this prayer group ends, you shall receive the gift of another apparition.  Now I shall bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen (And so has the Child Jesus, the Infant of Prague, he has blessed us.) Thank you for responding to my call.  Now go in the most great peace and mercy of God Most High.  Ad Deum


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Mary (2) February 13, 2005