Message from your JESUS OF MERCY


March 13, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


I am here to announce to the world the mercy of My mother.


My dear and beloved children of My Fatherís earth,

I am your Jesus of Mercy and I am here to tell you that you owe much to your heavenly mother, for it is under her title of Mother of Mercy that she has interceded and obtained many graces for you.It is through her title of Mother of Mercy that she is upholding my hand, even now as we speak.My arm is pressing and My arm is so very heavy, but through her motherly love and mercy she is restraining my justice from taking place.You owe so much to her, My little ones, so very much to her!


Today I wish you to all know how much I love and honor My mother under the title of Mother of Mercy and the Chaplet of Mother of Mercy.Look at my heart.(I see His heart!)Look closely at My heart.(There are wounds on His heart, not just the crown of thorns but there are deep lacerations on it, and itís bleeding, and a part of it looks black and blue.He says,)


My heart is wounded for the love of humanity.It is time that My justice unfolds, but through your mother, and My mother, she is healing the wounds I feel.Therefore, My justice shall not be as swift and shall not be so long and hard and painful.Look at My heart.(Itís being healed!)This is the joy that you bring to My heart when you pray the chaplet of My mother.It is so beautiful and so powerful, for it is upholding My justice.I come to tell you this and I come to tell you of two new promises I wish to give, Me, your Jesus of Mercy, through the Chaplet of your Mother of Mercy.


I wish to give purity of heart to all who pray My Motherís chaplet.I also desire to give through this chaplet, salvation for the living and the dying.


As you wear the Brown Scapular as a sign and pledge to My mother, it is also a shield and protection against the fires of Hell.So too is My motherís chaplet a shield against the fiery darts of Hell.All those who pray it and believe in My motherís title of Mother of Mercy shall receive salvation in this life and in the next.I promise all of those who pray My motherís chaplet this.It is My promise, for those who pray it draw closer to My motherís heart, and all those who dwell closer to My motherís heart through this chaplet draw closer to My heart.Therefore salvation is obtained through this chaplet, if you so wish it to be.You must accept the graces that I am giving through this chaplet and through My mother, for she is the spring of everlasting delight and grace.I desire you to pray and to believe, for through this chaplet I am giving to you purity of heart and salvation for those who believe.


I also desire you to know that the hour in which the chaplet should be prayed is at 4 oíclock.It was at 4 in the morning in which My mother was born.It was at 4 oíclock in the evening that My body came down from the Cross and My mother held my dead body for the first time.It was wrapped in linen and then the procession to the tomb started.She was there.It was at 4 oíclock in the evening that this happened. And it was at 4 oíclock in the evening when she died of joy, when it was time for her to die.She died of joy at 4 oíclock.The hour of her birth was also the hour of her death, only not in the morning but in the evening.Therefore at 4 oíclock is this to be prayed, every day at 4 oíclock, in honor of the mystery, joy, sorrows, and glories of My mother who is always with Me.Those who honor her honor Me.Those who will blaspheme her or dare to dishonor her with disrespect, they disrespect Me.It is through My mother, the Mother of Mercy, that she leads you to Me.Her mercy is a motherís mercy, unbound and beautiful.All who approach her receive the gift of salvation, and all those who approach her with faith receive the gift of love because she bears within herself the gift of divine love.


I also wish to announce to you this very day a new Springtime, a new Springtime of joy for all the little children who believe in the title of Mother of Mercy.The Springtime is now, the Springtime in which the chaplet of My motherís mercy will be given to not only your country but to other nations.The grace of My mother shall spill on the whole world and everyone shall be embraced by the title of Mother of Mercy.It is through the title of Mother of Mercy that she will receive the Church and rescue it from the arms of Satanís attacks.It is through the title of Mother of Mercy that men will receive this new Springtime, which in ten years will be the Eucharistic Reign and the Era of Peace.Through her and her intercessions, she has obtained for you a period of grace in which Satanís attacks will be lowered and a time where Godís justice will be limited and His mercy will be unbound, a time and a place where a timeout will be called.This now has been given and been gifted to the mother, for this date of the year that shall be the time out shall be the year 2007.And then the final bowls of judgment leading to the Era of Peace.


Rejoice, Oh sons and daughters of God, for the new Springtime has now arrived!It is through the title of Mother of Mercy that My motherís Immaculate Heart shall triumph!It is now, this time.I am announcing it to you now so that all will believe.In 2007, I shall give the world a timeout, and in 2015 shall come the Era of Peace.Now is the time to spread devotion to the Mother of Mercy.This is your Springtime, My little children.Devote it to her mercy, and the worldís Springtime shall arrive in 2015.


I bless you, My little children, with My merciful love.(Rays are coming out of His heart, red and white!Theyíre penetrating everyone!He says,) This is My blessing, for those who seek the Mother of Mercy receive the gift of the Divine Mercy as well.I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.Now I shall depart to My Father.Rejoice, Oh sons and daughters of God, for the most beautiful Springtime has now arrived.Peace be with you and peace be unto you now and from generation to generation.Amen.


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