Message from OUR LADY OF MERCY


April 13, 2004 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


(She wants me to describe what she looks like.Sheís dressed in a blue veil and itís a long blue veil and its like wrapped like around and then it flows back over her shoulders.It comes up towards her neck.You can see some of her hair.Her hair is parted.I can see twelve stars, sort of twinkling with blue lights.She has beautiful blue eyes. The color of the veil which is blue just makes her eyes even more blue.Rosy cheeks, long nose.Itís a nice nose, itís not pointy. Itís beautiful and she has the most beautiful lips Iíve ever seen.Theyíre red, I mean really red and the veil flows over and I canít see her neck.I see a long white dress with long white sleeves and a belt made of gold but it also has with traces of red.The dress continues to flow from the belt and all the way down.And in her left arm I see the Child Jesus.He has blond, no, dirty blond hair, and His eyes are blue, but theyíre not as blue as Our Ladyís eyes.Jesus is dressed in a pinkish-white robe and there is gold trim along the edges of the robe and sleeve. I can see Maryís hand and a rosary with white beads and a gold chain and sheís beautiful.)


My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, I am Our Lady of Mercy and I come presenting the Child Jesus in my arms.Heís here with me to call you, and I am here with you to invite you back to God.


Please listen, little ones, I wish you to have a devotion to Me under the title of Our Lady of Mercy for I will intercede for you to God under this title.I am Our Lady of Mercy for all those who weep, for those who are sorrowful, for those who mourn.Let them come to me.For those who are mothers, for those who are children, let them come unto me.


You do not realize, little children, the power I have under this title of interceding to God for you, for I am your Lady of Mercy and I am your mother and I love to pity you.I love to pray for you before God.Come, little ones, give to me your needs, your sorrows.Tell me everything so that I may intercede and obtain for you help.This title of Our Lady of Mercy is especially special and meant for these times, for now is a time of great trials and tribulations.


My little ones, I call you to flee to me and to seek my protection.If you put your trust in my intercessions, I will intercede before God and obtain help for all of humanity.†† Certain events can be done away with only through prayer, fasting, and mercy.My heart, little children, is filled with love and mercy for you and great compassion for all those who come to me and call on me under this title.


My title of Our Lady of Mercy also presents to you great healings because it is through Godís mercy and graces coming through me that you will be healed and be made whole.Look at my Son who I present to you.Is He is not all the joy and love you seek?Is He not merciful in coming among you?Is He not merciful in the Blessed Sacrament?I am His mother and as I lead you to mercy, I intercede for you, not before the throne of a just God, but before the Child Jesus who is mercy and love itself.I call you, my little ones, to have a devotion to me as Our Lady of Mercy, for through my motherly mercy, I will obtain great joy, great graces!You will be made whole and happy simply by trusting in me and calling upon me under this title.†† ģ


I love you, little ones, and I take your prayers and your petitions into my most loving and merciful Immaculate Heart and I will present them to my little Son, the Child Jesus.Also I bless everything here and all that you have with you, everything thatís on the altar, by the altar and everything in this room, including you yourselves, I am blessing and so is my Son, in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Please know, little ones, that I shall come again under the title of Our Lady of Mercy so that the people may have a greater knowledge, understanding and love for me under this title.Also, I do desire a painting of me under this title of Our Lady of Mercy.I am with you and I love you.Is not the title of Our Lady of Mercy all filled and rich in love?Peace be to you.Thank you for responding to my call.Ad Deum.Go in the great peace of God.†††




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Mary- Apr.13, 2004