April 13, 2004 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


My dear and beloved children of My earth and of My Father’s earth,

I come to you today to invite you and draw you back to My Divine Mercy.  My little ones, you do not understand how much love I have for you in coming among you and in trying to help you see that I, your Lord Jesus, am alive in the Blessed Sacrament, and every time you pray before Me or before your crucifix at home, or before any image of Me, I hear your prayers.  All you have to do is whisper My name and I am there. 


My little ones, I ask you to accept how much I love you and to know that it is only in My love that you are saved.  Because I loved you so much, it was I who carried My Cross to Calvary.  It was I who died and paid the price for your sins.  It was I who forgave you and I who rose again from the dead to show you that you have everlasting life in Me.  I want you to understand that I live and that I am here.


My little ones, please understand that even though I appear here and even though I am speaking to you now, it does not mean that I am not with you when you pray at home or in church.  I am there always.  Look for Me and you will find Me, simple and small, dwelling within the Blessed Sacrament.  I am hidden from your eyes, but with faith you will be able to see Me. 


I also call you to understand that after you receive Me, I live within you as I did My mother.  I want you to know that after you receive Communion, you are not the only one I dwell in, but everyone.  Therefore, be very cautious that you do not offend anyone after Mass, or even before Mass, or even throughout the day for you are not aware of who I am dwelling in, for anyone could have just come from Mass at any moment and I may be dwelling in them at any time.  Therefore, be on your guard and look to everyone and treat every one as though they were Me.  Love Me in your fellowmen and this is one way you shall show Me that you have mercy on Me and that I have mercy on you.


I call you because I love you and I wish you to understand that My Divine Mercy is based on two things.  One, Me, the giver giving you My mercy and love and two, you giving Me your mercy and your love.  If you do not show mercy to those that are your neighbors, I will not show mercy to you, unless you call and pray for Me to have mercy on you. 


I caution you to be aware that I am in each living host dwelling within each human heart that accepts Me humbly.  So therefore be careful and realize that I am love and mercy itself and that I call you to imitate Me.  I did not complain when My executioners beat Me.  I did not complain when I was sentenced before the judge.  I did not complain even when I saw My mother on the road to Calvary.  Even though My heart was breaking inside, I did not complain, but I did tell her of My love for her.  And I did not complain when they crucified Me, the horrible crucifixion that none of you can ever imagine.  Even those who suffer the stigmata only bear a piece or a sliver of My suffering and not the whole Cross.  Therefore realize, little ones, that I did not complain throughout any of this, and I call you to embrace your cross and to not complain but simply come to Me, talk to Me, and ask for My help and assistance, and I will help you.  But in this act of mercy, realize there are others around you who are asking and seeking mercy, and you can help them just by giving them a simple word, by telling them that I am alive for them, or by in your every day simple life, by praying for them, or giving to them a pat on the back.  Please, know that My mercy exists and extends in you.  If you do not show mercy to others, you are offending My mercy and risk My judgment.


I love you, My dear ones, and I take your petitions into My Most Sacred Heart.  And I also bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Know that I am here and that I am with you always and whenever you pray, I am there.  Simply call on Me.  My peace is with you.  Peace be with you all.  (He’s moving back.  I can see Him.  Oh, He’s not done yet.  He’s raising His arms!  Oh, it’s the Divine Mercy Blessing!!  I see the red and the white pale rays and now He’s backing off.  The rays are still visible.  Now they’re gone, so is He.)


Copying and distribution of this message is permitted and encouraged as long as nothing is changed, added, or deleted. 


Jesus – Apr. 13, 2004