May 13, 2001 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA


My dear children, my little ones,


I invite you to be more attentive in prayer and to pray and to fast.

Little children, I wish for you to dwell closer to Jesus, now more than ever.

Let me, your mother, help you through prayer and fasting.

My little ones, it is contradictory to say that you are Christians and that you are

            Catholic and that you are drawn closer to Jesus without prayer.

Only through prayer can you hope to be closer to Jesus.

Pray!  Pray!  Pray, my little ones.  Pray your Rosaries for peace and for the conversion

            of all sinners.

My little, little children, prayer accomplishes miracles and works wonders in your everyday


If only you knew how much prayer pleases me, your mother, and God.

Take time, my little ones, throughout your day to have a personal, intimate conversation

with God, with God the Father, with God my Son, and with God the Holy Spirit

and with me, your mother.

When you have a personal conversation with Us, We are able to respond to you in

            unsuspected and glorious ways.

My little children, prayer can accomplish true peace, but if you want true peace, you must

live it and accept the messages of prayer and fasting which I have been giving to you

and to the world since Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

My little children, pray from your hearts.

Open your heart up daily to God the Creator and let Him fill you with His Being, with a

            sense of peace and safety.

Let Him love you.

That is all I ask right now of you, is to pray and open yourselves up to God the Creator

and accept His love and His mercy.

My little ones, you expect too much from God through prayer.

You expect to receive a bolt of lightning as a sign of an answered prayer.

My dear ones, you are wrong in your thinking.

Though prayer accomplishes miracles, even big miracles and small miracles take a

little time to be accomplished.

Because through prayer you grow closer to God, it brings you peace, and it is also a

            step to enlighten your soul.

My little ones, when you pray, you become the true soul that you are meant to be in the

            eyes of God.

Your heart rejoices and you become closer to God, your Creator.

That is why, little children, when you are in prayer, you are perfect.

Therefore, little children, be perfect through prayer and fasting.

My little children, prayers are answered, but they shall only be answered when you least

            expect them, and in God’s time.



This is most important for everyone who wishes to deepen their spiritual life to understand.

God hears and answers all your prayers, but it is for His glory and it is for His honor

that they are answered, or not.

Please know that God loves you and that He respects your prayers, and so do I.

Never give up, my little children.  Never give up on prayer, but be responsible in prayer

            by accepting the answer God gives you concerning your prayers.

If God gives you a “no” as an answer, then you must cease from your ways and accept His

            answer of “no”.

If it is not God’s time, then you must accept that answer also, and continue to persevere in


If it is a “yes” answer to prayer, then you must rejoice, my little children, and continue to

            thank God for all the graces He has given to you.

I tell you solemnly, there are many children who have their prayers answered, and then

            they stop praying.

This pierces my Immaculate Heart the most.

If your prayers are answered, continue to pray.

If you have nothing to pray for, pray for other people, and pray that you may understand

            God’s ways better.

This is my message on prayer.

Please, my little children, try to live this prayer and this message the best you can.

I encourage you to pray from your heart, for then, and only then, will you truly receive an

            answer to your prayers and desires.

Thank you, my little ones, thank you for listening to me.

I bless you little children, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Copying and distribution of this message is permitted and encouraged as long as nothing is changed, added, or deleted.